30th December 2018

Dinner on 30th December 2018

Welcome drink with Spumante1 Bollé and amuse-bouche

Girello2 with rose pepper and old-style sauce
meats from Zoppo butchery, Sarre

Tartrà3 with leek, egg and black truffle oil
eggs from farm Au Potager de grand-mère, Fénis
cheese produced by Squinabol family in La Nouva alpine pasture, Pila


Carnaroli rice with chestnuts and De Bosses lard carpaccio
Lard from De Bosses factory, Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses


Veal cheek with potato mash and broccoli
meats from Zoppo butchery, Sarre


Lemon yogurt mousse with mandarin creme

Lemon tart, meringue4 and berry sauce


4810* Coffee
created by La Clavalité, Pollein


Total fee for the dinner: 50 €
Transportation and wines are not included

1. Italian sparkling wine.
2. Italian term referring to a choice, round portion of a meat cut, usually beef.
3. Italian salted flan, originally from Piedmont.
4. Type of dessert traditionally made from whipped egg whites and sugar.