December 2018 - Saturday traditional menu

Traditional Dinner – December 2018


Welcome drink with sparkling wine and amuse-bouche

Salted meat with red caramelized onion salad and citronette
vegetables from farm Au Potager de grand-mère, Fénis
meats from Zoppo butchery, Sarre

Mushrooms with Grana1 cheese

Buckwheat tagliatelle with cheese fondue and coffee powder
cheese from Squinabol, Brissogne

Capocollo2 roast with carrot cream and baked potatoes
meats from Zoppo butchery, Sarre
mountain potatoes from the Clavalité Valley

White chocolate soup with fruits and black chocolate chips

4810* Coffee
created by La Clavalité, Pollein


Total fee for the dinner: 50 €
Transportation and wines are not included

1. Class of hard, mature cheeses from Po Plain region of Northern Italy.
2. Traditional Southern Italian and Corsican pork cold pork cut.