Dinner – January 2019

Every Saturday of January 2019


Welcome drink with sparkling wine and amuse-bouche

Fowl salad with nuts and grenade
meats from Zoppo butchery, Sarre

Low temperature egg on Aostan potatoe cream with crusty leeks

Gemma rice with pumpkin and deer carpaccio1

Confit stomach with caramelized onion and melting smoked potatoes from Fénis
meats from Zoppo butchery, Sarre

Milk mousse with acacia honey

4810* Coffee
created by La Clavalité, Pollein

Total fee for the dinner: 50 €
Transportation and wines are not included


1. Italian dish of meat or fish, thinly sliced or pounded thin, which is raw, and served mainly as an appetizer.