April 2019 - Saturday traditional menu

Traditional Dinner – April 2019


Welcome drink with sparkling wine Bollé and amuse-bouche

Salted codfish carpaccio with cherry tomatoes, burrata1 and citrus fruit zests

Caramelized onion with Grana Padano2 cheese sauce and balsamic vinegar

Carnaroli rice with asparagus, egg yolk and nuts from Fénis

Cappello del prete3 with cauliflower cream and rustic style potatoes
Mountain potatoes from the Clavalité valley

Tropézienne4 with strawberries

4810* Coffee
created by La Clavalité, Pollein


Total fee for the dinner: 50 €
Transportation and wines are not included


1. Fresh cow milk cheese (occasionally buffalo milk), from Southern Italy, made from mozzarella and cream.
2. Hard, slow-ripened, semi-fat, cow's-milk cheese from Northern Italy (Po plain).
3. Hat-shaped bag of pork rind with stuffing.
4. Dessert pastry consisting of a filled brioche.