March 22, 2019 - Beer dinner

Dinner with
Les Bières Du Grand-Saint-Bernard



Lonza1 carpaccio with sweet paprika

Mini-hamburger of salamella2, sour peppers and mustard à l’ancienne

Seupetta de Cogne3 in our style


Chicken in Napea with rustic potatoes
Vegetables from Au potager de grand-mère, Fénis

Gianduia chocolate icing with Balance gelatine

4810* Coffee
created by La Clavalité, Pollein

The beers of the evening:
Napea (light lager) Blou (rye beer) & Balance (amber lager)


Total fee for the dinner: 65 €
Transportation and beers included

1. Kind of sausage from Southern Italy.
2. Kind of sausage from Northern Italy, always served grilled.
3. Aostan rice soup, originally from Cogne.