23 February 2019 - Our Stew Dinner

Saturday 23nd February 2019 - Our Stew Dinner

Welcome drink with sparkling wine and amuse-bouche

Boiled sea bream fillet with ginger mayonnaise sauce

Stew terrine with red sauce and basil
meats from Zoppo butchery, Sarre


Meat hand-made agnolotti1 with herb butter
meats from Zoppo butchery, Sarre


Stew of 3 meat cuts with Aostan potatoes and sauces
meats from Zoppo butchery, Sarre


Cheese cake with red berries and white chocolate chips


4810* Coffee
created by La Clavalité, Pollein


Total fee for the dinner: 50 €
Transportation and wines are not included

1. Type of pasta typical of the Piedmont region of Italy, made with small pieces of flattened pasta dough, folded over a filling of roasted meat or vegetable.