Dinner March 8, 2014

The dinner menu for Saturday, 8 March 2014


  • Welcome aperitif with sparkling wine and finger-food 

  • “Carpione del Grano” with vegetables 

  • Roasted peppers and marinated anchovies terrine with Taggiasca olives tapenade 

  • Carnaroli rice with leeks, Taleggio cheese cream and liquorice 

  • Toasted pork cutlets pavé on bean purée and rosemary oil 

  • Coffee semifreddo with amaretto sauce 

  • Coffee 4810 served with our homemade pastries 

The price of the dinner is 55 €. Wine and transport not included.










Dinner March 1, 2014

The dinner menu for Saturday, 1st March 2014


  • Welcome aperitif with sparkling wine and appetisers

  • Morsels of monkfish and guanciale on cauliflower velvet sauce

  • Beef tartare, beetroot cream and fried leek

  • Carnaroli rice with mushrooms, scallops and drops of parsley

  • Lamb provençale on a bed of vegetables and thyme sauce

  • Lemon tart with Italian meringue

  • Coffee 4810 served with our homemade pastries


The price of the dinner is 55 €. Wine and transport not included


Dinner March 21, 2014

The dinner of the restaurant "La Credenza" at the Société - Friday, March 21 2014

  • Welcome aperitif with sparkling wine

  • Russian salad with lobster

  • Sea salad, mussels, prawns, mint sauce and lemon

  • Fried prawns in kataify pastry

  • Fresh anchovies, red prawns, mozzarella stracciatella, tomato confit and bread powder

  • Browned squids, courgettes and soy sauce

  • Risotto creamed with pumpkin, blue cheese cream, nutmeg and minced lobster

  • Old cow clod and steamed asparagus

  • Bacio 2006

  • Rhubarb and almonds cupcake, white chocolate mousse and extra-virgin olive oil

  • Coffee 4810

The price of the event is € 90, wine and transport included










Domenica gourmet

Domenica 23 Febbraio - Regione protagonista: La Toscana
Ristorante Société Anonyme de Consommation ore 20.00*

Menu degustazione:


  • La finocchiona con la nostra focaccia artigianale
  • La bruschetta con la giardiniera di verdure
  • Il crostino del "Buttero"


  • Il cacciucco


  • La trippa alla fiorentina


  • La torta di ricotta con uvetta e mandorle

Per prenotare direttamente la sola cena c/o il ristorante Société: +39 339 53 55 644

Il costo della cena, per coloro che non aderiscono al pacchetto settimanale, è di euro 35,00

* Appuntamento ore 19.30 davanti alla telecabina Aosta-Pila.

Dinner February 28, 2014

A walk with the Costardi brothers - Friday, February 28 2014

  • The old-fashioned way sandwich (2012)

  • Potato and creamed salted codfish flan (2008)

  • Saor (2013)

  • Quinto / quarto ravioli (2011)

  • Veal sweetbread, Marsala wine reduction sauce and almonds (2010)

  • Carnaroli risotto with rabbit morsels and duck foie gras (2010)

  • Slow-cooked veal cheek (Cazzamali selection) (2008)

  • Panna cotta and saba (2008)

  • Fog (2013)

  • Coffee 4810

This menu is a walk through the places which have been a landmark in the Costardi brothers' lives. It is a journey through their characteristic flavours and aromas.

The price of the dinner is 90 €, wine and transport included.